You throw a great event.

We’ll take care of your social media.

It’s easy to think that you’ll have time during your event to tweet updates, post pics to Instagram, and answer Facebook messages. The truth is your event will be it’s absolute best if you focus on your logistics, vendors, and guests and leave the social up to the experts.

How it Works

  • 1We meet and talk through your schedule. We set goals, identify key audiences and people who deserve recognition like sponsors or volunteers. We agree on a hashtag and talk about how best to integrate social signals into your event.
  • 2We send you a “run-of-show” so you can confirm our brand voice is on point.
  • 3You give us access to your social accounts and we post during the final weeks leading up to your event to encourage registrations and “ramp up” the activity level.
  • 4We arrive to your event and set-up near your HQ. We handle all posting and most replies, escalating only complex questions to you or your staff.
  • 5Your guests are encouraged to participate on social through giveaways and competitions that we manage.
  • 6You focus on running your event knowing that social is taken care of.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Event Attendance

    For recurring or multi-day events, showing off exactly what’s happening during your events will increase excitement and encourage people to get off their computers and come to your event!
  • Better Sponsorship Satisfaction & Retention

    For sponsored events, you can increase the value of sponsorship by offering more social media exposure. This leads to greater sponsor revenue and/or retention. You can even sell a social sponsorship to have their logo added to the watermarks of all the pictures we post!
  • Engaged Entertainment and/or Speakers

    Working with great speakers or acts? We engage with them during our build-up and make it easier for them to cross promote your event to their audience. Your participants are given the links to help them connect with the talent that makes your event shine.
  • More Social Media Engagement

    Being active on social media during your event inspires your attendees to do the same, leading to more promotion within their networks of friends.

Relax, we’ve got this covered

  • Logistics Questions

    Sometimes there’s no other way to ask a question about parking, hours, or pricing except to reach out to the event’s Twitter or Facebook. We get all those logistic questions from you up-front and then provide quick replies (most within 5 minutes) during the event. If there’s a complex question, we are on-site so we can get an answer.
  • Sponsor Recognition

    You provide us a list of sponsors and their levels or activity promised. We do the research to find their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and guarantee the # of posts promised to them.
  • Volunteer Recognition

    Volunteers LOVE to get a digital “Thank You” that they can show off to their friends. Participants like the chance to “like” the hard work your volunteers are doing.
Woman Relaxing on cloud foreground

The Team

Social Media Expert

team member social media expert

Our social media expert will have a single base of operations, the “Social HQ,” which will be in or near your main event headquarters. Our expert will gather event information from you in advance and only escalate issues which are unknown or complex. They will post regularly, like/fave attendees posts, and ensure that sponsors get plenty of social media love.

Social Photographer

team member social media expert

The photographer for your event will be on-the-move capturing all the photos that the social media expert needs to create maximum engagement for your brand and event. The social photographer uses a mix of professional camera gear and casual gear to capture as many event moments as possible. These photos typically get posted every 30 minutes.


price byop

Social Media + Photography*


for a two hour event



Social Media + BYOP
(Bring Your Own Photographer)*


for a two hour event


* Most single day, single location events within our Tampa/St. Petersburg service area use our regular pricing. Recurring events, events outside of our service area, events with multiple locations, and events expecting more than 1,000 attendees are custom quoted.

Examples of our Work

work example Tampa Bay Startup Week

Tampa Bay Startup Week

The first Tampa Bay Startup Week in 2015 was a showcase of the entrepreneurial community in Tampa Bay. Our coverage of the speakers, workshops, and activities spanned Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater.

Brew Fest


Tampa Bay Area “Beer Lovers” and friends will be returning again to Brewfest to have a blast sampling over 100 of the best Commercial Craft Beers and Home Brewed Beers in Florida and beyond.

Social Media Day

Social Media Day Tampa

Under the direction of Never Have I Ever, the 2015 Social Media Day Tampa event was a celebration of social media and the premier networking event for professional social media managers. Our coverage provided immediate sponsor recognition and captured the excitement of attendees

Athletes Causes


Athletes+Causes mission is to improve the lives of children by supporting the efforts of pro athletes, coaches and teams that protect, educate, mentor and instill hope.

BarCamp Tampa Bay

BarCamp Tampa Bay

BarCamp -- the original unconference -- is the place for developers, social media, designers, hackers, entrepreneurs and people who are interested in sharing what's new and interesting.

start Up Surgek

Start Up Surge

Hosted by Tampa Bay WaVE, the Startup Surge event is like speed dating for startup mentors. Our coverage highlighted the speakers, mentors, sponsors and staff who made the event possible.


Ignite Tampa Bay

Ignite Tampa Bay is a fun, fast-paced, evening of presentations where speakers gather to share their knowledge and passion.
Each speaker gets exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or inspire the crowd, all backed up by 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Talks cover a wide range of (often geeky) topics, from roller skating to nuclear reactors.

The Wave

Tampa Bay Wave

Founded in 2008, Tampa Bay WaVE, Inc. is a ‘by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs’ 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into growing tech businesses in Tampa Bay. Today we support over 150 tech startups and over 250 entrepreneurs and other crazy talented techies that call Tampa Bay home.

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